Francis Aning Amoah

Falls Church, Virginia

Francis Aning Amoah is 52 years old ordained Roman Catholic priest since August 10, 2002. Francis holds a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix Arizona. Among other courses, Francis studied Psychology of Consulting and Coaching, Principles of Personnel and Human Resource Management, Psychology of Leadership, and Principles of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. As part of the PhD project a dissertation on leadership was completed.

I felt compelled to serve God and to serve people from a very young age. It was just a natural calling for me. I wanted to do something that would have a real and genuine impact on others. There was never a moment for me that I thought of another path.
Father Francis Aning Amoah
on why he chose to become a priest

News Highlights

Organizational psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with the mental aspect behind working. According to Father Francis Aning Amoah of Falls Church, VA, this includes but isn’t limited to hiring practices, employee training and development, effective management strategies, and even ways to deal with stressful work environments.

“Becoming a priest is a lifetime commitment to share the love of God with as many people as you can reach. You do this through ministering and through setting an example by your own behavior. When you are a priest, you are held to a certain standard and you have to be aware of who you are and who you represent.”

Organizational psychology is concerned more with management issues than with individual behavior at work. Organizational psychologists apply psychological theories and principles to personnel issues to improve productivity, motivation, satisfaction, job performance, etc.